Possible Solutions?


For one, keep an eye out for 2CoolTek's upcoming tests.  While concerns such as being an isolated non-enclosed enviroment are definately valid, i prefer accurate pure heatsink testing over inaccurate, unrelative in case, with socket-thermistor testing.

Also, you can calculate the "theoretical" temps for yourself.  Use the C/W * CPU Wattage to calculate your own theoretical temp.  I have included several heatsink's ratings below.

Calculate CPU Load wattage with Radiate

* For all cases, assuming a perfect CPU to Heatsink connection, one that requires no grease (this will serve as the "minimum" temp over ambient you can achieve with the stock heatsink.


use the formula of W(or Cpu) * Heatsink rating = C over ambient that your CPU core should be running. Assuming proper installation, of course :).


Keep in mind that these temps are by no means absolute. They are provided merely for reference to "judge" what your cpu core temps probably are:

Taisol CEK733092 :            .48C/W (PCTC removed, heatsink lapped)

Taisol CEK734092:             .45C/W (PCTC removed, heatsink lapped)

Taisol CGK74202c:             .38C/W (PCTC removed, heatsink lapped)

 Thermaltake ChromeOrb:    ~.8C/W

Thermaltake Super Orb:        ~.65C/W

Alpha PAL6035:                   .38C/W (with Sanyo-Denki Fan, improves with higher CFM Fan)

Hedgehog:                             .35C/W (with Delta 38CFM Fan)

Globalwin FOP32:                .39C/W

Globalwin FOP38:                 .37C/W

List is work-in-progress.  Additions are always welcome.


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